Heroes Of Qa'lira

Client Log : April, Brawic

Schrader, Tristen – 3 days – 9gp
Nalakalathi, Thavavik Rockbreaker – 1 day, current client – 2gp

After returning from our trip to find the missing guards I took a few days off and spent them in the company of my friend Salma. I greatly enjoyed her company but after the rest I was glad to get back to work. While spending a few days with Tristan I began to think of what fun it had been to go adventuring and really try out my strength. I overheard Tristan telling some of his guards that someone would need to travel to Brawic to inform them that the road was safe for travel and that they would need the guard that had been sent to them previously to be sent home. It sounded like such great fun that I just told him then and there that I would take care of it.

I then set out to find the others. Salma and Kaiton were busy but I found Ashpaw in a shop and asked him if he wanted to come to Brawic with me. I think he was already planned on making the trip because he told me he had already bought a donkey, so he wouldn’t have to walk, and some supplies. I thought that sounded like a great idea so I went and spent the money Tristan gave me on my new donkey friend. I named him The Baron and he looked so smart that I decided he needed a hat. When I went to the shop they had 2 that were so cute so I decided to get both of them, one for every day and one for extreme adventuring.

On my way to buy rations and feed I saw Zygon in the town square. I feel bad about what happened with Brett and I think he is sad that I stopped spending time with him while we were on our trip. I decided it might cheer him up if I asked him to come along. I waited until he was done with his weird posturing dance he was doing with the townspeople and asked if he wanted to come. He seemed pretty eager and before long had bought his own donkey. We left pretty quickly after that.

After about a day of traveling we came across the caravan being pulled back to town by the city guard. I am glad they did something with it because it was such a waste sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Ashpaw seemed pretty cranky after that, but I don’t know why. The trip was mostly uneventful but towards the end a couple of lions attacked us. I got scratched a couple of times but we took them down in the end. Ashpaw cooked some up of the meat up. It wasn’t too bad (I mean I AM an adventurer now) although I did have to flavor it a bit. We decided to dry the meat so we could eat it for the next few days and save our rations.
When we got to the Brawic gate I asked to speak to the Lord Mayor so I could tell him about the adventure we had but I guess the guard thought that wasn’t necessary. Ashpaw ended up relaying the message to one of the guardsmen. That was fine because I was starting to realize just how dirty I had gotten over the last few days of travel. I desperately needed a bath and I really wanted to visit my clients in Brawic.

As soon as we were let into the city I went straight to Ranger’s Respite Inn. The innkeeper there charged me for a nice room where I could take a long soak. I spent about an hour washing and perfuming myself and then I felt good as new. I ate a hearty meal and then set out to find one of my clients. Vaerie of course was not in town (she almost never is) but I found my Rocky in Bold Bones tavern. He was working though so I had to wait patiently until he had finished his bouncing duties.

When we got back to the Ranger’s Respite we passed by Zygon and Ashpaw drinking in the hall. Zygon looked quite upset. I may have to spend a few days with him and see how he is doing. He may need my services.

The next morning, Rocky and I woke up and I remembered the job posting I had seen in the bold bones. I thought it would be a great way to spend time with Rock and maybe it would cheer Zygon up too! I have seen Thavavik work before on our past treks to the north but I had never tried to join in before. Rocky seemed to like the idea so I asked the rest of our little group. Boy were we in for a surprise!

When we arrived at the farm the farmer, Yalb, said that the great lion creature had eaten his entire herd of cattle! We weren’t sure what we were dealing with but I felt with the four of us together we would be okay. Rocky easily found the trail (he has eyes like an eagle) and basically led us right to the great beast. The thing was enormous! It stood on 2 legs with a giant lion head! It had barely come into view when it started running right at us! Rock and Zygon got right up in his face while I stood back and fired at him from a distance. It clawed and bit at them with this enormous rumble coming from his stomach! Ashpaw dashed to and fro slicing at him from down low. At one point Zygon had a pair of crazy flashy wings pop out of his back! I didn’t know he could do that! Finally I put my hands together and sent a flash of fire right at him. He collapsed backward, flesh singed. Luckily we took him down with no casualties and only a few minor scratches.

Ashpaw was doing that thing again where he starts taking pieces off the thing (I try not to watch) when he comes over with the thing’s stomach! He then shared with us why the creature could eat so much at once by sticking his whole arm inside! It was bigger on the inside! We made our way back to the farm with the creatures head (I didn’t carry it) and were paid handsomely for our work. I could really get used to this! I mean I really enjoy my job and I won’t ever give it up but I never realized how much fun adventuring was! I am looking forward to the festival soon and meeting Vaerie again.



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