Heroes Of Qa'lira

History and Mystery

Our arrival at Minorast was surprisingly comfortable! There is an inn that isn’t far from the gates to the city- basically a second capital when compared to Trimorei. The Pilgrim’s Pause even has a set of stables just outside the walls and an entrance that you can take right there. I saw Zygon pay for a room and head upstairs to take a nap, I’m not sure if he was feeling too well; he seemed a little blue… well… more blue than usual… or maybe he was paler.

Either way, most of our band headed out into the city. I had some plans to check out a few shops in order to restock and search for a few more things to play with. I asked Mara if she might know where a good place would be in order to continue learning some magic, like a library or arcanum of sorts, and she started to lead our group. Of course, I might have led us astray slightly in order to send a messenger back to Brawic in order to retrieve my Zinwe stomach.

I was baffled when we started to head up the steps toward the caste- it was built into the rock walls that part of the city was built in and around. I would never have guessed that the wizardess (still don’t know the right word) would have connections with the royalty. The clerk seemed to recognize Mara and led us toward some sort of inner sanctum. That was where we met an elven Arcanist named J’Tessa and we started to discourse about the dragon that we had fought.

When the Arcanist inquired the location and brought up some sort of scry-map thingy, Brenlyn stepped up and pointed the place out. With a few movements, the image seemed to captures some big movements in the city of Brawic. There was a white dragon that had appeared there! I wasn’t completely sure about the fighters on the field, but I could have sworn that a couple of them included Salma and Kyton. After what looked like a great effort, they killed the beast. Thank the gods that they did, my important item is in that town… I hope it’s safe…

After watching the battle, our entire group was told the tale of the dragons and the Trimorei family. Fifty six years ago was when the war began, led by King Trimorei. The King united all of the cities in order to fend off the dragons that had invaded. The biggest battle was won about fifty one years ago in which a green dragon was forced to flee over the ocean in order to survive. After that, there were wardstones placed in hidden locations throughout the continent in order to determine the existence of possible dragons.

After the tale was told, we were all led back to rooms which were within the castle’s walls. I dropped my pack within my room and headed out to find someone to help. I mentioned that I was Mara’s apprentice, in order to elevate my position in the eyes of the servant, and I had them lead me to the library. I met J’Tessa there, who was gathering up an armful of books on dragons and asked her where I might start learning about elementary magics, since I was having trouble with the casting of spells due to my tail. She replied to me that what I thought was the problem was not the issue that was going on and directed me to one of the basic books.

I must have fallen asleep with my head in the book, because I was startled awake to a loud barking. I nearly jumped out of my fur when I heard the noise but, when I looked at the source, I could tell it was Brenlyn that had taken the form of a mastiff. She asked me if I wanted to head out with her into town in order for us to do something or other and I agreed. I needed to search for another magic shop and find someone to take a look at a scroll I’ve had in my possession for a while now.

After we went back to our rooms to gather our things, we found J’Tessa in the hall. She asked us if we would be interested in checking on the town, Brawic, in order to make sure that everything was alright there. Or maybe she was asking us if we wanted to inspect the wardstones? I didn’t really pay too close attention, because she gave the pair of us (Brenlyn and I) big bags of gold. They must have weighed ten whole pounds each! Naturally, I excitedly agreed to whatever the Arcanist advised us to do. I’m sure that the elven druid caught whatever words might have been important, and there’s no doubt that J’Tessa will be giving us all a run-down after we’ve all gathered back together later today.



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