Heroes Of Qa'lira

Session 1 : M'rarch 19-21

The Search Begins

After the meeting with Mayor Tyressa and Captain Schrader, the search party set out from Conne to find out the whereabouts of the missing search party.

Along the road, the party passed a couple herds of hadrosaurus, fended off a few small velociraptor hunting parties and befriended a burrowling that was lost and separated from his burrow.

After travelling for about three and a half days, they located the caravan which appeared to be mostly unscathed aside from the horses having been cut free. There were no signs of blood or a scuffle, but there was no obvious trace of any of the caravaners or the search party. After investigating the caravan, a few basic goods and rations were found, and a faint trail though the grasses to the east. But before they continued down this path, the party decided to set up camp as the sun began to set.



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