Heroes Of Qa'lira

Shared Enmity

The nice warm blankets were yanked off of me before Zygon announced his questions. I muttered for a bit as I started to wake, unhappy to have been forced to rouse. He said something about how late it was before he inquired where Brenlyn was at. I groaned at how early it was and told him to head toward the Rangers’ Rest Inn, the only other place in town I could think she might be. Somewhat irritated, I headed into the Moonkeg Inn proper after hopping out of the cart stored in the stables. I had a fine breakfast served by Arno, the Innkeep, which was just before the sun was raised to the highest point in the sky.

After my meal, I headed into the main square of the town. One would have to be deaf in order to not hear Zygon proselytizing, giving away pieces of parchment that detailed Kord’s religious rituals (which involve far too much movement for my tastes). Eben was trying to help out our Aasimar Cleric by offering some music along with the sermons. I’m not too sure how they fared, I had my own plans to try and make some more coin.

I spent about an hour or so, trying to convince caravans or travelers to hire a band of guards… not sure why they seemed so disinclined to speak further with me. I didn’t get the chance to truly make a thorough search, however, when I saw Revel and Brenlyn riding through the streets, my bed rolling along behind their donkeys. I scurried toward the rear of the cart and pulled myself into the blankets to be reunited with my belongings. The celestial and infernal blooded pair had to rush to catch up before the lot of us made our way on the road.

Luckily for us, it seemed that this was a rather well traveled section… perhaps that was the reason why nobody seemed to desire guards. We passed along by several caravans during the days of travel. We stuck our noses in to peek at the wares, but they were merely things that we would be able to gather in town- and we’d already all stocked up on necessities. I was certainly glad to have gotten myself a full bag of dried and jerked meats, Brenlyn was still upset with me, and that was my only source of food.

Almost immediately after arriving in Provold, we sought out the nearest inn, the Wasted Wyvern, and began storing our animals and my bed. Of course, that didn’t wind up going so well. In the middle of all that, a blur rushed past us on horseback. A blur that a few of us recognized. Brett! He’d come back from the dead! Before I could think too much about it, Revel had already asked Brenlyn to turn into a warhorse, and the pair gave chase. Zygon asked me to run after, but there was no way that I could catch up to a horse!

While we were arguing we must have mentioned Blunderstone’s name, because a woman, seething with ire, asked if we knew the fiend that fled. It took little convincing to get the human female on our side so that we could all give chase. As we ran along, I found out that her name was Mara. There was little time to discuss in detail what had gone on- a long story for both sides- but we certainly had one thing in common: Brett was still conning and had wronged us all.

We found Revel and Brenlyn, neither happy about how the old enemy had escaped their grasp. I tried to introduce Mara to the other girls, but Brenlyn would have nothing to do with me; I had to leave first in order for the newfound companion to introduce herself. Ahead of the group, Eben caught up to me. He invited me to his performance later on in the evening in order for us to make a little coin. Naturally, I agreed to go but I asked him if he would be the go-between in order to help me apologize to Brenlyn… the answer I got wasn’t exactly satisfactory- I’d have to go up to her on my own and say that I was sorry; the problem with that was that the wood elf leaves every time she sees me.

Luckily, I had my ears swiveled back so that I could listen in on the conversation between everyone and Mara. It seemed that she was a wizard… wizardess? Witch? I don’t know the right term, but she can do magic! I knew that I would have to find some time to speak with her, I might be able to learn a thing or two from her! Most started to go their separate ways, and I was asked by Zygon in order to go acquire some of the herbs that I’ve been out of stock on for too long.

I certainly meant to search the town thoroughly… but there were other things on my mind, I suppose. I returned back to the Wasted Wyvern Inn and found Mara sitting and having supper. I couldn’t hold back from asking her about how to do magic. She said that she would try, but if I didn’t have the aptitude, then there was nothing that could be done about it.

I may have been a little too excited about what I’d seen across the street in the middle of my conversation with Mara. I told her that “I’ll be right back” and practically ran over and into the Wild Branch, most certainly a magic shoppe. With saucer sized eyes, the pink haired gnome proprietor asked me what I was looking for, to which I replied “Everything”. After a little back and forth, I learned that her name was Nyx and I’d found a new scroll that I was tempted to trade for. The thing was, it looked so much different than what I had seen thus far, and decided to go back to the inn so that I could drag Mara with me. I might have got scolded a little bit… apparently she didn’t like the fact that I’d run off so rapidly.

It turned out that the scroll wasn’t something that Mara would be able to teach me, so I didn’t wind up getting it. We went back to the inn and she declared that she would offer a little bit of education in the arcane arts. The first thing that we did was go up to her room and she started a ritual. I tried to take in as much as I could over the hour. It was certainly a little complex, but she had a book to guide her through the incantations required. An owl appeared out of thin air, which she sent off on the errand of gathering information about Brett’s whereabouts. Our goal of eliminating that thorn in our paw… or possibly the whole continent was definitely top priority.

After the magic circle had been cleaned up and the incense burned away completely, Mara and I headed back down to the common area so that we could have some more time eating and drinking. When Eben showed up and motioned for me to go along with him, I knew it was time to start work. I made sure to properly excuse myself, and made my exit with the bard.

He had already scouted out the bar that he would perform for and I waited for the right time. I could have sworn that I saw Zygon with his face on the bar but the next time I looked over, he wasn’t there. I managed to rifle through a few pockets, though it wasn’t nearly enough to start paying for all the expenses that I was racking up. I would certainly have to pay for some sort of tuition, there was no way that Mara was just going to go through all that effort of teaching me for free… also… I needed that other scroll… both scrolls couldn’t hurt…

I scouted out the most ostentatiously dressed individual in the bar. It took a couple hours before he staggered his way outside. I slipped along quietly, sticking to the alleys and watching to make sure that nobody was watching back. It wasn’t long before my mark had arrived at his home. The two story tall house certainly wasn’t for one without money. Luckily for me, wood walls are perfect to sink my claws into in order to climb up. I chose the wall on the opposite side when I saw the light snuff out from what I could only assume was his room. It figured that he wouldn’t lock the spare bedroom’s window. I quietly and quickly ransacked the room, headed downstairs and plucked, and finally slipped into his to gather up the last bits before I left the building the way I came in. He had given me a scare at one point; when I opened the door to his room, it creaked and he came out into the hall. It was a good thing that he had been deep in his cups earlier. The only thing he did was drain some of the ale out before going back to bed.

With a bagful of loot, although I was tired, I had a jaunty step. With heavy eyes, I started to get myself crawled into the cart, but had to stop when I found a huge lump. That was when I heard Brenlyn mention that Zygon had been too knackered to even make it to the inn. I asked her what she was doing there and if she’d even been to sleep. She replied and I brought my paws up to nervously fiddle before I gathered the courage to apologize for selling the family member. She asked me if I’d learned my lesson and then what I would do next time. I believe I managed to patch things up with her, at least I sure hope so.

I did a little show and tell with the items I’d acquired from that rich guy’s house. Brenlyn asked me for a couple of the gemstones, and I certainly couldn’t turn down her request; a hundred gold was a small price to pay in order to keep up an amicable relationship. It wasn’t much longer until Zygon roused, the sun rising. He wakes up way too early. I got myself into my bed without scolding the cleric… he actually owned the cart and most of the blankets within. My eyes closed and a happy feeling filled me, knowing that I actually had enough in trade to take care of myself… practically for the first time since leaving home.



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