Heroes Of Qa'lira

Trek to Menorast

I grumbled answers when questions came my way. I was still sleeping in the early morning when I heard the voices of Eben and Brenlyn. I vaguely remember them asking me to wake up and make decisions. I think I must have told them that I’d rather sleep because they left me to my dreams after only a few moments. The whole thing could have been part of my dreams, but I’m fairly certain it actually happened.

The reason why I’m so sure? The next time I woke up, I had to poke my head out of the blanket I’d been wrapped in. After getting a good long nap in, I felt myself waving from side to side and the road flowing backward from where I was. I informed everyone that I was awake and Revel let me out of the bag she’d made out of my bedding. After storing the blanket away and fixing my pack to my back- which had left a somewhat sore spot in my side- we all continued.

It didn’t take long before I figured out exactly what we were all doing out in the woods. We were trying to track down that devious guard that had tried to kill us. The path led into the forest only for it to slowly trail back toward the road. Tracks were followed until they disappeared where the caravans regularly pass through. We couldn’t catch a footprint afterward. We came to the conclusion that Brett must have bought a horse, but I’m still of the opinion that the tentacle-faced fellow was there to pick him up and poof him out of danger once again.

When I brought up the point, Mara started questioning what I had meant. I brought out the flask with the strange creature we’d found in one of the ears of the living corpses- the same that we’d found in the ruins between Conne and Brawic. It was tiny, creepy, parasitic looking, and stored in alcohol to preserve for further investigation. The thing was something that we were headed to Minorast in order to inquire about- along with retrieving and enchanting the Zinwe stomach.

Our tracking foiled, we headed ourselves back to town. Mara had started decorating the horse with black ribbons in the tail. I could tell by her clothes that she was fond of the color and I headed into the magic shop across the street in order to acquire a few things. The most important being the scroll, which I’d traded a couple gems for, as well as a few bottles of dye. I made a quick run back to her after I’d mixed the three together- successfully gifting her some black dye for the mare.

En route to Minorast we had quite a bit of time ahead of us. There were several merchant caravans where I was able to sell off the last bits of loot from what I borrowed from that rich sod in town. I spent much of my time studying under Mara’s tutelage. She had the same basic spell written that I had a scroll of, and that was my top priority. It was supposed to be the easiest thing to learn.

I gifted Mara the scroll that I’d picked up in town, since it wasn’t one that she had copied in her spell-book. I could feel that sometimes my spell’s casting would nearly complete. I had been following her movements exactly, there shouldn’t have been anything different! When I thought about it further, I may have come up with something: she doesn’t have a tail! That was why things would be different! It seemed that I would have to focus on my own movements and feel out the right method… Maybe if I used the scroll, then I could repeat the method precisely…

It was when I was pondering my decision to activate my scroll when we caught sight of the large city on the horizon. I may not have to use the item if I could do a little more research into the art of casting. Excitedly, I awaited our arrival so that we might get ourselves into lodgings. After entering the gates, Eben came over and articulated that he wanted to perform for the royalty within the castle. I thought that part was great, but I was left shaking my head ‘no’ vigorously when he mentioned that I might be able to borrow some things from there!



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