Heroes Of Qa'lira

Walpurgis Festival

When I was awakened in the morning, it seemed like it was quite the ordeal going on. Folks were milling about all over. After a stretch and a yawn, I heard Revel tell me that she was going to enter the wheelbarrow rolling competition. That was about the point that I remembered there was a Festival going on in the town. It made a lot of sense, what with all the early morning activity. In my still somewhat sleepy stupor, I said that I would beat the elven woman in whatever competition she was entering.

Although I didn’t win first place, at least I managed to finish ahead of one of my friend’s in the first competition. The other one, Zygon, happened to steal the limelight away. Naturally, he took the opportunity to pass out more of those flyers in order to convert some of the populace under Kord. The following piece of the festival was the wrestling tourney. Being that I was still a little winded from the running, I decided to opt out. When that thing began, there was another elven woman that turned into a bear! Zygon didn’t make it past Rock, the giant, but even the the big guy couldn’t take down a bear.

I had moved atop a roof in order to sun myself a bit, maybe squeeze in a quick little bit of shut eye. After I finished a wink, I looked down and saw that Revel was talking to the woman that had transformed into the large brown bear. I hopped myself down and went over to chat for a bit. Apparently Zygon had slunk off a bit earlier. It turned out that the elven woman, Brenlyn, was a druid. We swapped a few notes about some plant life and got along quite fair. She introduced me to her Tiefling friend, Eben. I didn’t get much a chance to talk to him before there was another thing starting.

There was some sort of musical competition as well. I saw Brenlyn, who performed with the flute- though she seemed a tad nervous in front of the large crowd. Eben did a fine job, there was all kinds of applause from the crowd after he finished. Of course, that bit was taken by one of the townsfolk singing, dancing, and playing a tune- it must have been one of the popular folk songs because he was the one that took first from all the others.

Lastly, there was a storytelling finale. Revel really shined when she told the story about how all of us traveled from Conne and defeated Brett when he tried to turn us into the walking corpses. She got a tad bit vulgar at times, the parents had to cover the kids’ ears. I got a little chuckle out of that. Following that up, I wish I’d have stayed back. I told a tale about how a pair of lovers were forcefully separated. The beautiful bard and the scallawag that had their fun before they were broken apart and sent their separate ways to meet up when they both grew. There was Brenlyn, and she told a tale about how she and Eben met. Something about how she saved him in the woods from another sect of druids. I might have been in my cups a tad bit too much to pay too much attention. Afterward, Eben came up front and wove an elaborate tail about how he tricked a highly religious kingdom, hoodwinked them into taking on a new religion and then sending them off to do an impossible to finish quest. He was certainly quite good with his words.

I must have hunkered down for the night at some point, for I awoke in front of the hearth. Revel told me that she grew bored of this town already. Of course there wasn’t much to do in a tiny place like this. I couldn’t even find an alchemist when I looked about previously. It seemed that she had made plans with Eben because it wasn’t very long before he and Brenlyn made their appearance. Luckily for me, Zygon is a good guy. The cleric of Kord got a cart which we hitched our donkeys to. Filled with plenty of blankets, I made it a cozy little spot to curl up. After a few days without worry, we wound up getting assaulted by a creature that took us by surprise. After a gush of poisonous goop got spewed at a few of us, we quickly made mince meat of it… we didn’t want to eat the stuff, though, it probably had toxins running through the nasty smelling stuff.



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