Heroes Of Qa'lira

Session : M'rarch 23-25
Into the Dark

As our adventurers wake from their rest near the apparently abandoned caravan, they begin their trek into the tall grasses of the Imperial Grasslands. Following a trail that was likely made by the guards that never returned, the party fends off a few small packs of velociraptors and a couple deinonychus, and were able to sneak past another much larger scaled beast. Eventually, this path lead them to the base of the Snakespine Mountains. After searching around, the party noticed a rock slide, and found some cloth with the colors of the Conne town guard.

However, in their search, they were noticed by a huge monster of a dinosaur that began rushing toward them, hungry for its next meal. With a quick glance around the area, they noticed a large fissure in the stone wall of the mountain behind them and made a break for it. Safely sheltered in the space, as the crack was far too narrow for the beast to get to them, they decided to shelter within for some time so this creature would leave and it would be safe to leave.

Pressing on, the break in the stone opened up into worked walls and floors. The party began exploring the area, finding some dusty store rooms that were empty, a room with a shallow reflecting pool and arcane sigils around it, a library full of books in a strange language, a storeroom full of strange fungi, and eventually a large room lined with wide columns.

In this final chamber, the soft moans of pained creatures tethered onto stone slabs occasionally broke the silence as a lithe figure stood on the far end, facing a table near the wall, dimly lit by strange motes of light. As the party began to enter the room, extremely stealthily, the figure did not appear to react.

To be continued…

Session 1 : M'rarch 19-21
The Search Begins

After the meeting with Mayor Tyressa and Captain Schrader, the search party set out from Conne to find out the whereabouts of the missing search party.

Along the road, the party passed a couple herds of hadrosaurus, fended off a few small velociraptor hunting parties and befriended a burrowling that was lost and separated from his burrow.

After travelling for about three and a half days, they located the caravan which appeared to be mostly unscathed aside from the horses having been cut free. There were no signs of blood or a scuffle, but there was no obvious trace of any of the caravaners or the search party. After investigating the caravan, a few basic goods and rations were found, and a faint trail though the grasses to the east. But before they continued down this path, the party decided to set up camp as the sun began to set.

Session 0
Searching for the Search Party

Mayor Akta Tyressa sent a group of 6 of her town guards to set out on the road to discover the whereabouts or fate of the caravan. The remains of the caravan were located about 4 days travel along the road; one guard was sent back to Conne to report on the location and lack of survivors (or bodies), and another sent north to Brawic to place a halt to further caravan travel until the mystery is solved. The remaining 4 guards followed a trail toward the Snakespine Mountains to seek out clues to the missing people. After two weeks, that search party has yet to report back.

Conne is a large town, but only has about 50 guards at any point in time. Thus, the mayor is hesitant to send more guards. Even another group of five would mean a 20% reduction in the city’s guard forces. So she has asked the guards to quietly send out requests for capable citizens to recruit for the task and has selected two of the town guards that are more experienced with wilderness travel and tracking.


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