Heroes Of Qa'lira

History and Mystery

Our arrival at Minorast was surprisingly comfortable! There is an inn that isn’t far from the gates to the city- basically a second capital when compared to Trimorei. The Pilgrim’s Pause even has a set of stables just outside the walls and an entrance that you can take right there. I saw Zygon pay for a room and head upstairs to take a nap, I’m not sure if he was feeling too well; he seemed a little blue… well… more blue than usual… or maybe he was paler.

Either way, most of our band headed out into the city. I had some plans to check out a few shops in order to restock and search for a few more things to play with. I asked Mara if she might know where a good place would be in order to continue learning some magic, like a library or arcanum of sorts, and she started to lead our group. Of course, I might have led us astray slightly in order to send a messenger back to Brawic in order to retrieve my Zinwe stomach.

I was baffled when we started to head up the steps toward the caste- it was built into the rock walls that part of the city was built in and around. I would never have guessed that the wizardess (still don’t know the right word) would have connections with the royalty. The clerk seemed to recognize Mara and led us toward some sort of inner sanctum. That was where we met an elven Arcanist named J’Tessa and we started to discourse about the dragon that we had fought.

When the Arcanist inquired the location and brought up some sort of scry-map thingy, Brenlyn stepped up and pointed the place out. With a few movements, the image seemed to captures some big movements in the city of Brawic. There was a white dragon that had appeared there! I wasn’t completely sure about the fighters on the field, but I could have sworn that a couple of them included Salma and Kyton. After what looked like a great effort, they killed the beast. Thank the gods that they did, my important item is in that town… I hope it’s safe…

After watching the battle, our entire group was told the tale of the dragons and the Trimorei family. Fifty six years ago was when the war began, led by King Trimorei. The King united all of the cities in order to fend off the dragons that had invaded. The biggest battle was won about fifty one years ago in which a green dragon was forced to flee over the ocean in order to survive. After that, there were wardstones placed in hidden locations throughout the continent in order to determine the existence of possible dragons.

After the tale was told, we were all led back to rooms which were within the castle’s walls. I dropped my pack within my room and headed out to find someone to help. I mentioned that I was Mara’s apprentice, in order to elevate my position in the eyes of the servant, and I had them lead me to the library. I met J’Tessa there, who was gathering up an armful of books on dragons and asked her where I might start learning about elementary magics, since I was having trouble with the casting of spells due to my tail. She replied to me that what I thought was the problem was not the issue that was going on and directed me to one of the basic books.

I must have fallen asleep with my head in the book, because I was startled awake to a loud barking. I nearly jumped out of my fur when I heard the noise but, when I looked at the source, I could tell it was Brenlyn that had taken the form of a mastiff. She asked me if I wanted to head out with her into town in order for us to do something or other and I agreed. I needed to search for another magic shop and find someone to take a look at a scroll I’ve had in my possession for a while now.

After we went back to our rooms to gather our things, we found J’Tessa in the hall. She asked us if we would be interested in checking on the town, Brawic, in order to make sure that everything was alright there. Or maybe she was asking us if we wanted to inspect the wardstones? I didn’t really pay too close attention, because she gave the pair of us (Brenlyn and I) big bags of gold. They must have weighed ten whole pounds each! Naturally, I excitedly agreed to whatever the Arcanist advised us to do. I’m sure that the elven druid caught whatever words might have been important, and there’s no doubt that J’Tessa will be giving us all a run-down after we’ve all gathered back together later today.

Trek to Menorast

I grumbled answers when questions came my way. I was still sleeping in the early morning when I heard the voices of Eben and Brenlyn. I vaguely remember them asking me to wake up and make decisions. I think I must have told them that I’d rather sleep because they left me to my dreams after only a few moments. The whole thing could have been part of my dreams, but I’m fairly certain it actually happened.

The reason why I’m so sure? The next time I woke up, I had to poke my head out of the blanket I’d been wrapped in. After getting a good long nap in, I felt myself waving from side to side and the road flowing backward from where I was. I informed everyone that I was awake and Revel let me out of the bag she’d made out of my bedding. After storing the blanket away and fixing my pack to my back- which had left a somewhat sore spot in my side- we all continued.

It didn’t take long before I figured out exactly what we were all doing out in the woods. We were trying to track down that devious guard that had tried to kill us. The path led into the forest only for it to slowly trail back toward the road. Tracks were followed until they disappeared where the caravans regularly pass through. We couldn’t catch a footprint afterward. We came to the conclusion that Brett must have bought a horse, but I’m still of the opinion that the tentacle-faced fellow was there to pick him up and poof him out of danger once again.

When I brought up the point, Mara started questioning what I had meant. I brought out the flask with the strange creature we’d found in one of the ears of the living corpses- the same that we’d found in the ruins between Conne and Brawic. It was tiny, creepy, parasitic looking, and stored in alcohol to preserve for further investigation. The thing was something that we were headed to Minorast in order to inquire about- along with retrieving and enchanting the Zinwe stomach.

Our tracking foiled, we headed ourselves back to town. Mara had started decorating the horse with black ribbons in the tail. I could tell by her clothes that she was fond of the color and I headed into the magic shop across the street in order to acquire a few things. The most important being the scroll, which I’d traded a couple gems for, as well as a few bottles of dye. I made a quick run back to her after I’d mixed the three together- successfully gifting her some black dye for the mare.

En route to Minorast we had quite a bit of time ahead of us. There were several merchant caravans where I was able to sell off the last bits of loot from what I borrowed from that rich sod in town. I spent much of my time studying under Mara’s tutelage. She had the same basic spell written that I had a scroll of, and that was my top priority. It was supposed to be the easiest thing to learn.

I gifted Mara the scroll that I’d picked up in town, since it wasn’t one that she had copied in her spell-book. I could feel that sometimes my spell’s casting would nearly complete. I had been following her movements exactly, there shouldn’t have been anything different! When I thought about it further, I may have come up with something: she doesn’t have a tail! That was why things would be different! It seemed that I would have to focus on my own movements and feel out the right method… Maybe if I used the scroll, then I could repeat the method precisely…

It was when I was pondering my decision to activate my scroll when we caught sight of the large city on the horizon. I may not have to use the item if I could do a little more research into the art of casting. Excitedly, I awaited our arrival so that we might get ourselves into lodgings. After entering the gates, Eben came over and articulated that he wanted to perform for the royalty within the castle. I thought that part was great, but I was left shaking my head ‘no’ vigorously when he mentioned that I might be able to borrow some things from there!

Shared Enmity

The nice warm blankets were yanked off of me before Zygon announced his questions. I muttered for a bit as I started to wake, unhappy to have been forced to rouse. He said something about how late it was before he inquired where Brenlyn was at. I groaned at how early it was and told him to head toward the Rangers’ Rest Inn, the only other place in town I could think she might be. Somewhat irritated, I headed into the Moonkeg Inn proper after hopping out of the cart stored in the stables. I had a fine breakfast served by Arno, the Innkeep, which was just before the sun was raised to the highest point in the sky.

After my meal, I headed into the main square of the town. One would have to be deaf in order to not hear Zygon proselytizing, giving away pieces of parchment that detailed Kord’s religious rituals (which involve far too much movement for my tastes). Eben was trying to help out our Aasimar Cleric by offering some music along with the sermons. I’m not too sure how they fared, I had my own plans to try and make some more coin.

I spent about an hour or so, trying to convince caravans or travelers to hire a band of guards… not sure why they seemed so disinclined to speak further with me. I didn’t get the chance to truly make a thorough search, however, when I saw Revel and Brenlyn riding through the streets, my bed rolling along behind their donkeys. I scurried toward the rear of the cart and pulled myself into the blankets to be reunited with my belongings. The celestial and infernal blooded pair had to rush to catch up before the lot of us made our way on the road.

Luckily for us, it seemed that this was a rather well traveled section… perhaps that was the reason why nobody seemed to desire guards. We passed along by several caravans during the days of travel. We stuck our noses in to peek at the wares, but they were merely things that we would be able to gather in town- and we’d already all stocked up on necessities. I was certainly glad to have gotten myself a full bag of dried and jerked meats, Brenlyn was still upset with me, and that was my only source of food.

Almost immediately after arriving in Provold, we sought out the nearest inn, the Wasted Wyvern, and began storing our animals and my bed. Of course, that didn’t wind up going so well. In the middle of all that, a blur rushed past us on horseback. A blur that a few of us recognized. Brett! He’d come back from the dead! Before I could think too much about it, Revel had already asked Brenlyn to turn into a warhorse, and the pair gave chase. Zygon asked me to run after, but there was no way that I could catch up to a horse!

While we were arguing we must have mentioned Blunderstone’s name, because a woman, seething with ire, asked if we knew the fiend that fled. It took little convincing to get the human female on our side so that we could all give chase. As we ran along, I found out that her name was Mara. There was little time to discuss in detail what had gone on- a long story for both sides- but we certainly had one thing in common: Brett was still conning and had wronged us all.

We found Revel and Brenlyn, neither happy about how the old enemy had escaped their grasp. I tried to introduce Mara to the other girls, but Brenlyn would have nothing to do with me; I had to leave first in order for the newfound companion to introduce herself. Ahead of the group, Eben caught up to me. He invited me to his performance later on in the evening in order for us to make a little coin. Naturally, I agreed to go but I asked him if he would be the go-between in order to help me apologize to Brenlyn… the answer I got wasn’t exactly satisfactory- I’d have to go up to her on my own and say that I was sorry; the problem with that was that the wood elf leaves every time she sees me.

Luckily, I had my ears swiveled back so that I could listen in on the conversation between everyone and Mara. It seemed that she was a wizard… wizardess? Witch? I don’t know the right term, but she can do magic! I knew that I would have to find some time to speak with her, I might be able to learn a thing or two from her! Most started to go their separate ways, and I was asked by Zygon in order to go acquire some of the herbs that I’ve been out of stock on for too long.

I certainly meant to search the town thoroughly… but there were other things on my mind, I suppose. I returned back to the Wasted Wyvern Inn and found Mara sitting and having supper. I couldn’t hold back from asking her about how to do magic. She said that she would try, but if I didn’t have the aptitude, then there was nothing that could be done about it.

I may have been a little too excited about what I’d seen across the street in the middle of my conversation with Mara. I told her that “I’ll be right back” and practically ran over and into the Wild Branch, most certainly a magic shoppe. With saucer sized eyes, the pink haired gnome proprietor asked me what I was looking for, to which I replied “Everything”. After a little back and forth, I learned that her name was Nyx and I’d found a new scroll that I was tempted to trade for. The thing was, it looked so much different than what I had seen thus far, and decided to go back to the inn so that I could drag Mara with me. I might have got scolded a little bit… apparently she didn’t like the fact that I’d run off so rapidly.

It turned out that the scroll wasn’t something that Mara would be able to teach me, so I didn’t wind up getting it. We went back to the inn and she declared that she would offer a little bit of education in the arcane arts. The first thing that we did was go up to her room and she started a ritual. I tried to take in as much as I could over the hour. It was certainly a little complex, but she had a book to guide her through the incantations required. An owl appeared out of thin air, which she sent off on the errand of gathering information about Brett’s whereabouts. Our goal of eliminating that thorn in our paw… or possibly the whole continent was definitely top priority.

After the magic circle had been cleaned up and the incense burned away completely, Mara and I headed back down to the common area so that we could have some more time eating and drinking. When Eben showed up and motioned for me to go along with him, I knew it was time to start work. I made sure to properly excuse myself, and made my exit with the bard.

He had already scouted out the bar that he would perform for and I waited for the right time. I could have sworn that I saw Zygon with his face on the bar but the next time I looked over, he wasn’t there. I managed to rifle through a few pockets, though it wasn’t nearly enough to start paying for all the expenses that I was racking up. I would certainly have to pay for some sort of tuition, there was no way that Mara was just going to go through all that effort of teaching me for free… also… I needed that other scroll… both scrolls couldn’t hurt…

I scouted out the most ostentatiously dressed individual in the bar. It took a couple hours before he staggered his way outside. I slipped along quietly, sticking to the alleys and watching to make sure that nobody was watching back. It wasn’t long before my mark had arrived at his home. The two story tall house certainly wasn’t for one without money. Luckily for me, wood walls are perfect to sink my claws into in order to climb up. I chose the wall on the opposite side when I saw the light snuff out from what I could only assume was his room. It figured that he wouldn’t lock the spare bedroom’s window. I quietly and quickly ransacked the room, headed downstairs and plucked, and finally slipped into his to gather up the last bits before I left the building the way I came in. He had given me a scare at one point; when I opened the door to his room, it creaked and he came out into the hall. It was a good thing that he had been deep in his cups earlier. The only thing he did was drain some of the ale out before going back to bed.

With a bagful of loot, although I was tired, I had a jaunty step. With heavy eyes, I started to get myself crawled into the cart, but had to stop when I found a huge lump. That was when I heard Brenlyn mention that Zygon had been too knackered to even make it to the inn. I asked her what she was doing there and if she’d even been to sleep. She replied and I brought my paws up to nervously fiddle before I gathered the courage to apologize for selling the family member. She asked me if I’d learned my lesson and then what I would do next time. I believe I managed to patch things up with her, at least I sure hope so.

I did a little show and tell with the items I’d acquired from that rich guy’s house. Brenlyn asked me for a couple of the gemstones, and I certainly couldn’t turn down her request; a hundred gold was a small price to pay in order to keep up an amicable relationship. It wasn’t much longer until Zygon roused, the sun rising. He wakes up way too early. I got myself into my bed without scolding the cleric… he actually owned the cart and most of the blankets within. My eyes closed and a happy feeling filled me, knowing that I actually had enough in trade to take care of myself… practically for the first time since leaving home.

Of Cats and Consequences

I had run out of food on the way to the next town. Lucky for me, Brenlyn offered to help me catch some small game. I was surprised to never have seen her eat any sort of meat- only taking notice because she mentioned she gathered her nourishment from the vegetation. During our discourse, I told her about how I needed almost exacty the opposite. As a carnivore, I can tolerate a little bit in the form of fruits and vegetables but I certainly cannot live without the taste of deliciously grilled or seared meats. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any fish… The dried jerky for the days when we cannot find any fauna are starting to wear a little.

We finally arrived at our next stop. Thawig. The place seemed even smaller than the last town that we’d been through. I’m starting to run… dangerously low on coin. I managed to scrape enough together in order to pay for a room during our couple night’s stay. I decided that I needed to make up some from what I’d spent on the donkey ‘Gitsle’. After a quick little circle through town selling off the bits and bobs I’d picked up along the way here and selling the beast of burden, I’m at a more comfortable level of money. I’m still greatly worried about the cost of creating something from the Zinwe stomach. I spent the night at my alchemy set filling up various viles with most of the ingredients that I’ve been carrying around. After I was finished, Brenlyn came into my room and seemed quite angry with me that I’d sold off the donkey. She is definitely scary when she gets mad. I tried to get her to understand that I needed coin… and I might have told a little white lie about how the town needed the donkey in order not to shoulder all the blame from my actions… but…


Two weeks…. Brenlyn has been avoiding me for two whole weeks. It seems she’s really angry with me. Of course I noticed the fact that the donkey was still with us. She must have been telling the truth about how she sees the donkey as a member of our family… well, I suppose I’m disincluded now. She’s been buddy buddy with Zygon lately. I’ve mostly spent my time on the road either resting in the back of the cart or studying the scroll I’d gotten some time ago. I think I’ve got it just about memorized. I need some more in order to put my theories together. I’m too worried to try testing the spell while I’m looking at the scroll for fear of extinguishing the faint bits of magicka embedded within.

Having finally arrived at Alsted, most of the group made little splits. Since it seemed Brenlyn went off on her own and Zygon and Revel seem to be paired up, I tried to get a bit closer to the tiefling bard, Eben. I had a fine dinner and watched as the coin went into his pocket. Since I’m a little low on my reserves, I needed to find a way that I could come up with some quick coin. I might have tried something a little… unscrupulous. It’s not my fault! I need the money! I tried to slink my way up to one of the patrons… I gave him a bump and he slipped away from me before I could even try to get my paws near his pockets. Afterward, I ordered another drink and went back to my table, I was probably too worried about getting caught.

I woke up in the cart… At least I managed to save a little bit of coin by not paying for a room… The blankets keep me warm enough and there’s a stable over my head. I was immediately confronted by Eben who mentioned that the party was going to be headed out into the forest to try to gather some ingredients that were needed by the local cleric of Pelor. I mused about the fact that Brenlyn was headed out, maybe this would be my chance to make it up to her? I’m not exactly sure what I could say or do in order to quell her ire… When we heard Revel laughing gleefully and the voice quickly disappearing off into the distance, we could only guess that she’d been taken off by Brenlyn when the elven druid learned that I was invited. After a sigh, Eben came up with the idea to try to disguise me. It’s definitely a lot tougher for makeup to stick to my fur… I sold all the dyes that I had in the last town to scrape together some extra gold… But if this town had some sort of magicka shoppe, there was definitely a chance…

Although I had been saving up coin in order to hopefully pay for the messenger and magician to take care of the Zinwe stomach to make it into a good bag, I wound up blowing all I had on a scroll… I really wanted the other one, too… I lost track of time staring at the thing, trying to figure out how I could memorize it. This scroll… was vastly more complicated than the other… I don’t know how many hours had gone by, but the sky was already dark when Eben pulled me out of the building and got me headed toward a new tavern for us to visit. He’d mentioned that he’d seen what I was trying to pull, and he told me that he was going to get the crowd’s attention for me. This guy really gets me, he knows how desperate I am! He’s such a nice guy, helping me out and everything. Being in the middle of a packed crowd made it a lot easier for my paws to roam around and pilfer some specie.

When the scruff of my neck was gripped, though, I went limp and was hauled out the front and hurled into the street. Dust covering me, I picked myself up and turned around to find that Brenlyn was… quite irate. She yelled at me for a bit before she slammed the door. It seemed that I was in for another night in the cart. I did have enough to pay for a room… but… I was really embarrassed and too ashamed to show my face. From the words that Revel had mentioned when we arrived, we should be moving out on the morrow. I’ll have to spend the coin I just gathered in order to buy food since… well…

Kobolds, and Guard Drakes, and Wyrmlings.... Oh my!
-Session 7

It feels like such a long time has passed since I first met Revel, Ashpaw, and Zygon but it has only been less than a week. These are quite an interesting bunch to be traveling together but it’s been fun.

We were ambushed by some Kobolds and Guard Drakes. It wasn’t that difficult of a battle but there were quite a few of them. Revel apparently speaks draconic and she was able to find out that they raid bandits for shinies. Zygon ended up taking out the… talkative one after we were done questioning them. Ashpaw helped me get sooooo many shiny scales from the guard drakes and I think I might have enough hide to fashion myself some new armor.

We continued down the road and came to a campsite. I didn’t feel right about staying there because if it’s a frequented campsite, then it wouldn’t be safe. People would know about it. I felt so bad for the donkeys because they were very tired but we needed to move them somewhere else to be safe. We traveled for another hour or so before finding a spot to let them rest. I decided to stay on the outskirts of the campsite we chose keeping an eye out. It seems that some of our new…. “friends” tracked us down.

Our “friends” brought along someone new with them though, a green wyrmling…. something isn’t quite right with that but I can’t quite put my finger on it.. I’ll have to think on it for a while. We were able to get some really nice things and more shiny scales and then we bunkered down to let the donkeys continue to rest.

Trouble always seems to find us but at least it hasn’t been boring. I really like this group, even the weird ones. Revel has such a fierceness to her and a thirst to prove herself. I like her spark and fire and I hope to fan the flames. Ashpaw is such a young pup but we all have to start somewhere. He’s really handy with daggers though and makes for a great partner in harvesting some goods from animals. Zygon… he had some really awesome moments during our battle with the Kobolds and Guard Drakes. I definitely respect him in the throes of battle, but he has yet to learn the way of social affairs. Even I, as wild as I am and will choose to remain, know there are some social boundaries that you do not cross. He will learn, I just might have to help him along.

I hope that my friend Eben is having as good a time as I am with this group. I’m sure this wasn’t what he was expecting when he asked to join me on my travels for a while. Well hopefully we make it to Thawig in one piece and maybe I can pop off to visit my brother real quick, don’t need him to send anyone after me….. again……

To Brawic We Go
-Session 6

It had been a quiet few days and my brother was starting to get on my nerves. He was trying to keep me busy so I wouldn’t run off with the pack again, I miss running and the freedom. As I was gathering some herbs from the garden out back, my brother came out and handed me a piece of parchment with a bit of a scowl on his face. It was a note from one of the locals in Brawic asking if I could gather supplies from Conne and get them safely back in time for the Walpurgis Festival in a month’s time. Included was a list of supplies needed. With a bit of a smug smile on my face, I handed Selynar the herbs I had gathered and ran back in to gather my pack and supplies to head off to Conne. Freedom. Finally.

It took me almost 3 weeks to get to Conne and it was nightfall by the time I reached it. I set up camp just outside the east entrance to wait for the morning when I could head through the shops picking up items that were requested. After I had gathered everything on my list, I was going to go find a place to bunk down before heading out the next morning when I heard some familiar loud boastful singing coming from within The Fool’s Flask. I hitched my pack up a little tighter and slipped into the tavern looking about. Sitting over with what looked like a… lively… bunch of drunkards, was a bright red teifling, my good friend Eben.

After chatting with him for a bit and telling him I was off to deliver some supplies to Brawic, he asked me if he could join me for a while. In the morning, we got our stuff together and left. We got there the day before the festival and Eben took off towards the Ranger’s Respite while I went to go deliver my supplies to Vaerie. She asked me if I minded helping her carry some supplies back from the surrounding forest so we set off. We had quite the haul so I decided to transform into my wolf form so she could load packs up on me to take back.

When we got back, there was a very beautiful elven woman dressed in fine red robes. It seemed she was looking for Vaerie. She sounded nice but I didn’t really want to talk with anyone at the moment since I was tired from the journey and the hauling. I waited until their talk was over and Vaerie took the packs off of me to slink back out to the surrounding countryside to find a place to bunker down till tomorrow.

The day of the festival was very fun and rewarding. Eben and I decided that we would try to win each other at wheelbarrow racing. I won, which he says was only due to using my druidic powers to help. He could have had a better chance himself if he didn’t get caught. HA! Then there was a wrestling contest. I was looking forward to that! When we gathered for match, I saw the woman in red again. She was with a gentleman, who looked to be a man of the cloth, and a young Tabaxi pup, maybe no more than 20 years. I wanted to transform into a bear and the gentleman with the woman in red said he was fine with it and so did the goliath. So I transformed but sadly the first man I went against was hardly a challenge. Poor farmer. I was hoping to go against the holy man to knock him down a peg but I never got the chance. I ended up going against the goliath. That was some real fun. I actually got to flex my muscles and have a real wrestle but in the end, I won!

The woman in red and her companions came up to Eben and I after I transformed back to introduce themselves. Revel was the ethereal elven woman I had met earlier, she didn’t realize that it had been me in wolf form. Ashpaw was the Tabaxi pup, whom I share a common interest in plants and their properties with. He showed me his collection and allowed me to take some notes from things he had collected. I can tell we are going to get on great. The weirdest one was the holy man named Zygon. He tried to hand me some kind of paper about his… god? And then tried to shake my hand. What weird customs civilized folks have. There were a few more competitions, one of which I showed off my beauty as a wolf but Revel won. I’m glad she did. She is very beautiful. At the end of the festival, it seemed Revel was bored of Brawic and wanted to head to the next city, Thawig. She kindly asked Eben and I if we wanted to join them. Since we didn’t have any other jobs at the moment, we joined them and head off for Thawig.

The first day was interesting. A creature that looked to be the combination of a serpent and a leopard got the drop on us and sprayed us with some kind of poison spray. We quickly dispatched of it but Ashpaw and I were able to glean some of the poison from it and take it’s pelt. We decided to camp out afterwards and I took to drawing up some sketches of the creature we came upon for later note and some of the plants that Ashpaw had shown me while everyone else decided to rest. After 3 days, he remembered he left something in Brawic but it was too late to turn around and go back for it. So I sent a nearby owl back to give a message to the shopkeeper that he would send someone to retrieve it. Well this should be interesting..





Walpurgis Festival

When I was awakened in the morning, it seemed like it was quite the ordeal going on. Folks were milling about all over. After a stretch and a yawn, I heard Revel tell me that she was going to enter the wheelbarrow rolling competition. That was about the point that I remembered there was a Festival going on in the town. It made a lot of sense, what with all the early morning activity. In my still somewhat sleepy stupor, I said that I would beat the elven woman in whatever competition she was entering.

Although I didn’t win first place, at least I managed to finish ahead of one of my friend’s in the first competition. The other one, Zygon, happened to steal the limelight away. Naturally, he took the opportunity to pass out more of those flyers in order to convert some of the populace under Kord. The following piece of the festival was the wrestling tourney. Being that I was still a little winded from the running, I decided to opt out. When that thing began, there was another elven woman that turned into a bear! Zygon didn’t make it past Rock, the giant, but even the the big guy couldn’t take down a bear.

I had moved atop a roof in order to sun myself a bit, maybe squeeze in a quick little bit of shut eye. After I finished a wink, I looked down and saw that Revel was talking to the woman that had transformed into the large brown bear. I hopped myself down and went over to chat for a bit. Apparently Zygon had slunk off a bit earlier. It turned out that the elven woman, Brenlyn, was a druid. We swapped a few notes about some plant life and got along quite fair. She introduced me to her Tiefling friend, Eben. I didn’t get much a chance to talk to him before there was another thing starting.

There was some sort of musical competition as well. I saw Brenlyn, who performed with the flute- though she seemed a tad nervous in front of the large crowd. Eben did a fine job, there was all kinds of applause from the crowd after he finished. Of course, that bit was taken by one of the townsfolk singing, dancing, and playing a tune- it must have been one of the popular folk songs because he was the one that took first from all the others.

Lastly, there was a storytelling finale. Revel really shined when she told the story about how all of us traveled from Conne and defeated Brett when he tried to turn us into the walking corpses. She got a tad bit vulgar at times, the parents had to cover the kids’ ears. I got a little chuckle out of that. Following that up, I wish I’d have stayed back. I told a tale about how a pair of lovers were forcefully separated. The beautiful bard and the scallawag that had their fun before they were broken apart and sent their separate ways to meet up when they both grew. There was Brenlyn, and she told a tale about how she and Eben met. Something about how she saved him in the woods from another sect of druids. I might have been in my cups a tad bit too much to pay too much attention. Afterward, Eben came up front and wove an elaborate tail about how he tricked a highly religious kingdom, hoodwinked them into taking on a new religion and then sending them off to do an impossible to finish quest. He was certainly quite good with his words.

I must have hunkered down for the night at some point, for I awoke in front of the hearth. Revel told me that she grew bored of this town already. Of course there wasn’t much to do in a tiny place like this. I couldn’t even find an alchemist when I looked about previously. It seemed that she had made plans with Eben because it wasn’t very long before he and Brenlyn made their appearance. Luckily for me, Zygon is a good guy. The cleric of Kord got a cart which we hitched our donkeys to. Filled with plenty of blankets, I made it a cozy little spot to curl up. After a few days without worry, we wound up getting assaulted by a creature that took us by surprise. After a gush of poisonous goop got spewed at a few of us, we quickly made mince meat of it… we didn’t want to eat the stuff, though, it probably had toxins running through the nasty smelling stuff.

Client Log : April, Brawic

Schrader, Tristen – 3 days – 9gp
Nalakalathi, Thavavik Rockbreaker – 1 day, current client – 2gp

After returning from our trip to find the missing guards I took a few days off and spent them in the company of my friend Salma. I greatly enjoyed her company but after the rest I was glad to get back to work. While spending a few days with Tristan I began to think of what fun it had been to go adventuring and really try out my strength. I overheard Tristan telling some of his guards that someone would need to travel to Brawic to inform them that the road was safe for travel and that they would need the guard that had been sent to them previously to be sent home. It sounded like such great fun that I just told him then and there that I would take care of it.

I then set out to find the others. Salma and Kaiton were busy but I found Ashpaw in a shop and asked him if he wanted to come to Brawic with me. I think he was already planned on making the trip because he told me he had already bought a donkey, so he wouldn’t have to walk, and some supplies. I thought that sounded like a great idea so I went and spent the money Tristan gave me on my new donkey friend. I named him The Baron and he looked so smart that I decided he needed a hat. When I went to the shop they had 2 that were so cute so I decided to get both of them, one for every day and one for extreme adventuring.

On my way to buy rations and feed I saw Zygon in the town square. I feel bad about what happened with Brett and I think he is sad that I stopped spending time with him while we were on our trip. I decided it might cheer him up if I asked him to come along. I waited until he was done with his weird posturing dance he was doing with the townspeople and asked if he wanted to come. He seemed pretty eager and before long had bought his own donkey. We left pretty quickly after that.

After about a day of traveling we came across the caravan being pulled back to town by the city guard. I am glad they did something with it because it was such a waste sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Ashpaw seemed pretty cranky after that, but I don’t know why. The trip was mostly uneventful but towards the end a couple of lions attacked us. I got scratched a couple of times but we took them down in the end. Ashpaw cooked some up of the meat up. It wasn’t too bad (I mean I AM an adventurer now) although I did have to flavor it a bit. We decided to dry the meat so we could eat it for the next few days and save our rations.
When we got to the Brawic gate I asked to speak to the Lord Mayor so I could tell him about the adventure we had but I guess the guard thought that wasn’t necessary. Ashpaw ended up relaying the message to one of the guardsmen. That was fine because I was starting to realize just how dirty I had gotten over the last few days of travel. I desperately needed a bath and I really wanted to visit my clients in Brawic.

As soon as we were let into the city I went straight to Ranger’s Respite Inn. The innkeeper there charged me for a nice room where I could take a long soak. I spent about an hour washing and perfuming myself and then I felt good as new. I ate a hearty meal and then set out to find one of my clients. Vaerie of course was not in town (she almost never is) but I found my Rocky in Bold Bones tavern. He was working though so I had to wait patiently until he had finished his bouncing duties.

When we got back to the Ranger’s Respite we passed by Zygon and Ashpaw drinking in the hall. Zygon looked quite upset. I may have to spend a few days with him and see how he is doing. He may need my services.

The next morning, Rocky and I woke up and I remembered the job posting I had seen in the bold bones. I thought it would be a great way to spend time with Rock and maybe it would cheer Zygon up too! I have seen Thavavik work before on our past treks to the north but I had never tried to join in before. Rocky seemed to like the idea so I asked the rest of our little group. Boy were we in for a surprise!

When we arrived at the farm the farmer, Yalb, said that the great lion creature had eaten his entire herd of cattle! We weren’t sure what we were dealing with but I felt with the four of us together we would be okay. Rocky easily found the trail (he has eyes like an eagle) and basically led us right to the great beast. The thing was enormous! It stood on 2 legs with a giant lion head! It had barely come into view when it started running right at us! Rock and Zygon got right up in his face while I stood back and fired at him from a distance. It clawed and bit at them with this enormous rumble coming from his stomach! Ashpaw dashed to and fro slicing at him from down low. At one point Zygon had a pair of crazy flashy wings pop out of his back! I didn’t know he could do that! Finally I put my hands together and sent a flash of fire right at him. He collapsed backward, flesh singed. Luckily we took him down with no casualties and only a few minor scratches.

Ashpaw was doing that thing again where he starts taking pieces off the thing (I try not to watch) when he comes over with the thing’s stomach! He then shared with us why the creature could eat so much at once by sticking his whole arm inside! It was bigger on the inside! We made our way back to the farm with the creatures head (I didn’t carry it) and were paid handsomely for our work. I could really get used to this! I mean I really enjoy my job and I won’t ever give it up but I never realized how much fun adventuring was! I am looking forward to the festival soon and meeting Vaerie again.

Clients and Cows
Session 4: Apr 5-12

After returning to Conne, the party spent a few days relaxing before purchasing some donkeys and heading Northeast to Brawic. Once there, Revel met up with one of her clients, and discovered an interesting help-needed post about some missing cattle.

Turns out the cattle weren’t just missing – the entire herd was devoured overnight by a single creature that looked like a bipedal lion.

Brett's Blunders

Well, I really messed things up this time. The first few deliveries were so easy – they even began to feel regular. I suppose I took this group for granted; therein lies my mistake.

We began traveling across the plains like usual – me pretending to be a buffoon and the group buying it. Kaiton made excuses for my idiocy when others asked if I was really an effective guard, I had to listen to that infernal Zaigon talk ENDLESSLY, mostly about building muscle and staying fit. Guess he has to impress Revel somehow (heaven knows it’s just his body she’s after).

Along the way, we picked up a little rodent creature. I should have killed him or run him off when I had the chance. Anyhow, it took to Selma pretty quickly. I suppose I underestimated that thing, too. His claws sure are.. effective.

We made it to the rendezvous point without any mishaps (unfortunately), and I receive permission from Master to begin harvesting. Unfortunately, that’s where the plan began to fall apart. I guess I should have been a bit more careful with my initial swings because I didn’t initially take Selma and Revel out like I thought I would.

Any that’s when it all went to shit. I thought I’d do alright, despite my rocky start… until Revel cast a spell that put me to sleep. I regret not actually taking her out first. I woke with my hands and feet tied, and with Kaiton shoving me around, sticking his gun in my mouth, and trying to murder me. I will END him for that.

I decided to bide my time to see if I could salvage this. Master isn’t too happy when I fail, though he’s infinitely more merciful than that * redacted * Kaiton. I managed to get free and tried to work the group around to my traps, but was unsuccessful. I decided to run, but as I did, Kaiton, Ashpaw, and the rodent caught up with me. The last thing I remember was running for the door and fainting.

i woke up, head pounding. Blood crusted my face and clothes, and it pooled on the floor, but I guess I’m lucky – the last shot must have just grazed my head. The group was nowhere to be found. I wandered down to Master, who told me everything would be alright. He told me I underestimated the group – that therein laid my mistake. Well, it’s one I won’t make again.


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