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  • Aelham

    Aelham is a city of approx 3500 located on the northern shore of Qa'lira. It's primary resources are fishing and farming.

  • Brawic

    Brawic is a small town of only 2500 located north of [[Conne | Conne]] at the base of the [[Snakespine Mountains | Snakespine Mountains]]. It's primary resources are farming and mining

  • Caerphy

    Caerphy is located on the eastern base of the [[Snakespine Mountains | Snakespine Mountains]] in the depths of the [[Saira Forest | Saira Forest]], almost directly east of [[Thawig | Thawig]]. It's primary resources are fishing, mining, and logging.

  • Conne

    Conne is a small city located on a major trade route that connects the capitol city of [[Trimorei | Trimorei]] to most of the other cities in Qa'lira. It's located on a river, so many trade caravans will travel to Conne to offload goods to send downstream …

  • Haystone

    Haystone is one of two cities on Qa'lira's eastern shore. As such, it serves as a minor port for trade on the coast. Outside of general trade, Haystone is also known for logging from the [[Saira Forest | Saira Forest]] and fishing.

  • Ilasy

    Ilasy is located high on a plateau in the northwestern reaches of Qa'lira. Surrounded by wastelands and treacherous landscapes, it tends to be very isolated and communication is rarely made with the people that live there. It's rumored to be a place of …

  • Prowold

    Found on the northernmost point of the [[Wild Maple Wood | Wild Maple Wood]], Prowold is a sizeable town of 4500 that lives mostly on farming and logging to supply [[Menorast | Menorast]] with additional food and construction materials.

  • Raypool

    Located not far from The Lake in the northeastern lands of Qa'lira, Raypool is a small town of about 1500 people. It deals mostly in fishing from The Lake and logging from the [[Saira Forest | Saira Forest]] to the southwest.

  • Thawig

    A small mining town north of [[Brawic | Brawic]], located on the western edge of the [[Snakespine Mountains | Snakespine Mountains]], Thawig boasts some of the finest dwarven craftsmen in all of Qa'lira.