Conne is a small city located on a major trade route that connects the capitol city of Trimorei to most of the other cities in Qa’lira. It’s located on a river, so many trade caravans will travel to Conne to offload goods to send downstream to the capitol for sale.

Important NPCS

Mayor Akta Tyressa:
Mayor Tyressa is a tall, lithe tiefling with black hair often kept in a tight braid in between two horns that curve back over the top of her head. She carries herself with authority, but is patient and fair – which has resulted in her consistent reelections over the past decade. She wears a fine teal coat made of wool that hangs down to her knees and carries a pointed rapier to match her pointed wit.

Captain Tristan Schrader
Captain Schrader is shorter than the Mayor, but can still command a room if needed. He is a middle aged human (appears to be in his mid 40s) with tanned skin, likely from years of outdoor patrols around the town. He has short black hair and dark, coffee colored eyes. He is known around town as a surprisingly gentle person for being the guard captain and would prefer avoid conflict, but he’s known to hold his own if necessary. He comes across as honest and straightforward, but rarely as harsh or rude, often adopting a more paternal attitude (especially to those younger than him).


Inns & Taverns

The Bent Bow Inn
Owned and operated by a middle aged half elven man named Gerril Sarzina. Located just around the corner from the main trading thoroughfare, The Bent Bow has a rustic feel and caters to travelling adventurers and laypersons that want to avoid the more bustling atmosphere of the Merchant’s Mattress. The lobby is spacious and generally has a warm fire in the hearth at nights and several tables to provide a space to eat and drink to its customers.

The Merchant’s Mattress
Located right inside the eastern entrance to Conne, The Merchant’s Mattress is run by has a blue dragonborn female named Zatri Cherzu and has a large area for traveling caravans to keep their carts and horses. This establishment is noisy and busy at almost all hours, with a lobby that feels akin to a small tavern. The atmosphere is generally lively and spacious, providing several tables and booths for merchants to work and conduct business during their stays.


The Fool’s Flask
A bustling tavern located in the central area of Conne on the main road, The Fool’s Flask is easily the busiest tavern in town. Owned by a female half elf named Bali Richheart, The Fool’s Flask is a great place for the latest rumors and gossip.

The L
Named for its shape, this tavern is more popular with locals. Run by a tiefling woman named Zolla Vadrera, The L is a calmer bar where locals often meet for a calmer social atmosphere or to conduct business


Azer’s Anvil is located on the northern side of Conne, a block away from the guard’s main post. It’s run by Amelia, a dwarf with bright red head that has supplied the guards with the majority of their weaponry.

The Cobalt Chain is found closer to the main road, but is around a corner behind The Fool’s Flask. It’s run by a human woman named Laura Queensmith, who focuses in armor of various types and provides repair services to caravans that come through.

General Stores

The Roadheart Market
Owned by a human man named Brent Newberry, The Roadheart Market sells mostly foodstuffs and basic general goods and equipment to the transient customers that come through town.

Timber’s General Store
Run by a gnomish man with metallic golden hair named Zook Timber, he tends to focus more on mundane and town-related general goods instead of adventuring gear. He’s usually professional to people that are passing through, but tends to be a lot more friendly to locals.


Autumn’s Brew
Lillian Queensmith, a human woman, runs this small apothecary shop. She provides healing salves and basic potions. She tends to overcharge travellers, but usually undercharges locals.


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