Ashpaw Derrogue

Traveling Tabaxi merchant with orange and white mottled fur.


Day 0 -

The gentle clamor of the inn provided background sounds to the feline ears of the tabaxi. He didn’t know for sure whether he was the sole one of his kind in the whole town, though he suspected as much. He didn’t pay that any mind, though his looks were unique in comparison to the majority of the populace. He had arrived late in the evening and decided that the first thing to do would be get a bite to eat and a bed to lay in. For the other plans, those would have to be come up with on the morrow. He slurped up the last of the beef stew and brought a paw up to wipe the remnants of the soup from his chin. With a soft exhale and a full belly, he stood up and pushed his way outside.

The night was coming in quickly and he had yet to finish with the acquirement of his lodging. He felt that he still had more than enough time to get that taken care of. His feet carried him through the town, simply sightseeing while the moon rose,, just a sliver in the sky. He slipped into a vacant alley between buildings so that he could pull the pack from his back and settled it down. After opening it, he scooped some of the trade goods within and packed it into his pipe. He closed the bag and pack, then returned the latter to his back. He fiddled with a pouch on his hip briefly to get the box of tindertwigs and ignited the contents of his pipe. With a large inhale, he took the smoke into his lungs and felt the gentle creep of the fog enter the fringes of his field of view before he blew out the smoke.

With a gentle clack, he dumped the ash from the pipe out on the building behind him. He took a deep breath in and gave a long groan while he leaned his head from one side to the other. He blinked his eyes slowly and had a big grin on his face before he put his pipe back into the belt pouch along with the tinderbox. With a long stretch of his arms above his head, and a quick flick of his tail, he pushed his back from the wall and exited the alley.

When he finally arrived back at the inn, he was surprised to find that the doors were locked. He gave a little grunt while he quickly looked around. Seeing as everyone had gone home for the night, it wouldn’t be untoward for him to find himself a place indoors to sleep. His paws flicked out a couple tools in order to quickly unlock the door and let himself in. The darkened interior wasn’t difficult for his eyes to adjust to. He went behind the bar and slid open a cabinet so that he could nestle himself in among the bottles of wine and ale.

He awoke to the same, slightly muffled, noises of the inn around him. With a paw, he rubbed at his eyes for a few moments while he tried to wake himself up. After a few moments, the door slammed open and he stared at the armored individual in front of him. The other’s voice was gruff and a hand came down to grab his shirt in order to drag him out and hoist him up. “You’re coming with me.” the other individual had acted fast enough that his only reply was a “Mya?”

Ashpaw Derrogue

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