Brenlyn Rhweth

Feisty, curious, and easily distracted Druid girl.


Brenlyn stands at 5’ 10" weighing 125 lbs. She has dark brown hair, russet colored skin, and hazel green eyes she inherited from her father. She is very curious and easily distracted. She can be very feisty if rubbed the wrong way but once you are in her “pack” she is very loyal and very protective.

Brenlyn Rhweth Life Playlist:

1. Noble Maiden Fair (a mhaighdean bhan uasal) – The Brave Soundtrack
2. The Mummer’s Dance – Loreena McKennitt
3. Run Boy Run (Instrumental) – Woodkid
4. Together / Your Hand in Mine (Radio Edit) – Tracey Chattaway
5. Anomaly – Lights and Motion
6. Wolves – Down Like Silver
7. All Of The Stars – Ed Sheeran
8. Going Home – Intrinsic Focus
9. Into the Open Air – Julie Fowlis
10. Featherstone – The Paper Kites
11. Float – KT Tunstall


Brenlyn Rhweth spent much of her younger years roaming the Wild Maple Woods learning the ways of the wild. She often spent days wandering the forest and making friends with the wildlife there. When she got older her father, Brennan whom she was named after, would often take her and her brother Selynar with him when he traveled, trading goods with other Groves and cities. He taught them to hunt and trap and to read the land. She loved travelling and seeing new sites, she especially loved seeing the interesting things her father would find and sell.

While on a quick solo trip to deliver some supplies to Brawic, she heard news of a green dragon that had attacked the northern cities where her father had just left earlier that week to sell some of their goods. When she returned home, she found her mother had received word that their father, Brennan, had died helping them expel the dragon from the lands, not to be seen since.

After that, their mother grew very distant with both Selynar and Brenlyn. Not being able to handle the grief of losing her father and what seemed like her mother as well, she retreated to the forest. She spent most of the next few years living among the wild, where she was adopted by a pack of wolves and she spent many seasons travelling with them, only visiting her brother when the pack was near her grove.

About 15 years passed before she decided to return home, where she discovered that her mother had met a human man named Devon Tavriel and had two children to him, Thiros (Thee-rose) and Orilynna (Or-leen-ah). She was still sad about the loss of her father but was happy that her mother had found another to love. Her brother begged her not to leave again and to stay with the grove. Brenlyn didn’t want to sadden her brother but she loved travelling too much to give it up. So she decided that her knowledge could be used to help people travelling from city to city. She promised her brother that she would check back in with him as often as she can and disappeared back into the forest.

Brenlyn Rhweth

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