Eben Anstella

Carefree, curiosity driven accidental musician


Standing at a simple 5’8", bright red skin, long luscious dark brown hair with a lovely set of horns that perfectly accent his handsome face. Golden eyes and a warm smile. You know, he’s pretty cute as far as Tieflings go, but don’t ever tell him that. Eben LOVES new people and experiences, anything that’ll make a good story down the road. He’s a loyal companion and would never betray his friends.


Eben began, to his memory, as an orphaned beggar wandering the streets of a forgotten town. There was little joy or happiness in his life growing up and the misery started paving the way to a life of petty crime. He soon began to hone his thieving skills in town markets and eventually caught the eye of a thief/rogue who saw how well he worked.

The rogue, Jurgiss, took in Eben as an apprentice and together they went on many heists and adventures. Growing into his teen years, it was apparent Eben had a knack for conversation and could charm his way into anyone’s household…..or their bed chambers. From there, he and Jurgiss would plan thorough heists to infiltrate these particular manors and make off with whatever valuables they could get. This was a life of thrills and Eben loved every bit of it. There came a point however where things went completely wrong on the job, resulting in Jurgiss getting killed and Eben fleeing into the night with their last loot ( a finely crafted lyre of immeasurable beauty).

Having lost the only father/mentor he had ever known, Eben retreated into himself and nearly went back to his petty crimes until he started playing the instrument. He discovered a talent for it and began to play street corners and taverns to earn his living. It soon came to him that being a makeshift Bard earned him more coin than a night’s worth of thieving could muster. Putting his newfound talents to use, Eben started playing with traveling shows and musical theater troupes to get around from town to town.

This in turn led to him indulging in his thrill seeking habits as well as giving into his more…basic needs. This new life of his was more fulfilling than thieving, however he has noticed that his drive to consume all manner of new experiences had been increased since he had acquired the lyre. Which is to say, the more he plays, the more he feels that the longing inside will never be satiated.

Despite his hobbies and carnal drive, Eben remains respectful and loyal to those he calls friend or companions.

Eben Anstella

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