Heroes Of Qa'lira

Of Cats and Consequences

I had run out of food on the way to the next town. Lucky for me, Brenlyn offered to help me catch some small game. I was surprised to never have seen her eat any sort of meat- only taking notice because she mentioned she gathered her nourishment from the vegetation. During our discourse, I told her about how I needed almost exacty the opposite. As a carnivore, I can tolerate a little bit in the form of fruits and vegetables but I certainly cannot live without the taste of deliciously grilled or seared meats. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any fish… The dried jerky for the days when we cannot find any fauna are starting to wear a little.

We finally arrived at our next stop. Thawig. The place seemed even smaller than the last town that we’d been through. I’m starting to run… dangerously low on coin. I managed to scrape enough together in order to pay for a room during our couple night’s stay. I decided that I needed to make up some from what I’d spent on the donkey ‘Gitsle’. After a quick little circle through town selling off the bits and bobs I’d picked up along the way here and selling the beast of burden, I’m at a more comfortable level of money. I’m still greatly worried about the cost of creating something from the Zinwe stomach. I spent the night at my alchemy set filling up various viles with most of the ingredients that I’ve been carrying around. After I was finished, Brenlyn came into my room and seemed quite angry with me that I’d sold off the donkey. She is definitely scary when she gets mad. I tried to get her to understand that I needed coin… and I might have told a little white lie about how the town needed the donkey in order not to shoulder all the blame from my actions… but…


Two weeks…. Brenlyn has been avoiding me for two whole weeks. It seems she’s really angry with me. Of course I noticed the fact that the donkey was still with us. She must have been telling the truth about how she sees the donkey as a member of our family… well, I suppose I’m disincluded now. She’s been buddy buddy with Zygon lately. I’ve mostly spent my time on the road either resting in the back of the cart or studying the scroll I’d gotten some time ago. I think I’ve got it just about memorized. I need some more in order to put my theories together. I’m too worried to try testing the spell while I’m looking at the scroll for fear of extinguishing the faint bits of magicka embedded within.

Having finally arrived at Alsted, most of the group made little splits. Since it seemed Brenlyn went off on her own and Zygon and Revel seem to be paired up, I tried to get a bit closer to the tiefling bard, Eben. I had a fine dinner and watched as the coin went into his pocket. Since I’m a little low on my reserves, I needed to find a way that I could come up with some quick coin. I might have tried something a little… unscrupulous. It’s not my fault! I need the money! I tried to slink my way up to one of the patrons… I gave him a bump and he slipped away from me before I could even try to get my paws near his pockets. Afterward, I ordered another drink and went back to my table, I was probably too worried about getting caught.

I woke up in the cart… At least I managed to save a little bit of coin by not paying for a room… The blankets keep me warm enough and there’s a stable over my head. I was immediately confronted by Eben who mentioned that the party was going to be headed out into the forest to try to gather some ingredients that were needed by the local cleric of Pelor. I mused about the fact that Brenlyn was headed out, maybe this would be my chance to make it up to her? I’m not exactly sure what I could say or do in order to quell her ire… When we heard Revel laughing gleefully and the voice quickly disappearing off into the distance, we could only guess that she’d been taken off by Brenlyn when the elven druid learned that I was invited. After a sigh, Eben came up with the idea to try to disguise me. It’s definitely a lot tougher for makeup to stick to my fur… I sold all the dyes that I had in the last town to scrape together some extra gold… But if this town had some sort of magicka shoppe, there was definitely a chance…

Although I had been saving up coin in order to hopefully pay for the messenger and magician to take care of the Zinwe stomach to make it into a good bag, I wound up blowing all I had on a scroll… I really wanted the other one, too… I lost track of time staring at the thing, trying to figure out how I could memorize it. This scroll… was vastly more complicated than the other… I don’t know how many hours had gone by, but the sky was already dark when Eben pulled me out of the building and got me headed toward a new tavern for us to visit. He’d mentioned that he’d seen what I was trying to pull, and he told me that he was going to get the crowd’s attention for me. This guy really gets me, he knows how desperate I am! He’s such a nice guy, helping me out and everything. Being in the middle of a packed crowd made it a lot easier for my paws to roam around and pilfer some specie.

When the scruff of my neck was gripped, though, I went limp and was hauled out the front and hurled into the street. Dust covering me, I picked myself up and turned around to find that Brenlyn was… quite irate. She yelled at me for a bit before she slammed the door. It seemed that I was in for another night in the cart. I did have enough to pay for a room… but… I was really embarrassed and too ashamed to show my face. From the words that Revel had mentioned when we arrived, we should be moving out on the morrow. I’ll have to spend the coin I just gathered in order to buy food since… well…



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